Thursday, May 12, 2011

struggling to stay put~


its been two day, for Spatial and Numerical Modelling Lab (baca: SNML)'s Qolloqium. and today, my body won't cooperate to stay put. and my eyes too...its struggling, and actually, i cannot hear anymore presentation. i need to lay down, and sleep...

alhamdulillah, at least, my power point presentation has already finish just now. after 2 days, its ok now. not that ok, but its oklah for this presentation.

so, next task? i need to submit my draft of proposal next week, so that, my supervisor can read it, and give opinion. after that, i'll try to rearrange the proposal, to apply for research grant for student. and after that, i'll try to send a journal....okeh..

okeh, and to make it worse, its raining outside, after how many days without rain...mmm......i don't think this time i could make it...maybe i'll sleep after maghrib. so, my house-mate, please let me sleep after maghrib, and don't wake me up until midnight...hehe....

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