Tuesday, May 31, 2011

nice and warm night


alhamdulillah, last night was a fabulous night for me, because at last, i can sleep nicely without any distraction from anyone..hehe...why? i don't know, pass few week, my sleep has been distract with some simple silly noise, and then i couldn't sleep for last 2-3 hours after that. so, this time, alhamdulillah, with heavy head, exhausted body, and tiring eyes, i can sleep with peace...hua hua..

anyway, yesterday, my colleges has conducting one day training for MPOB (read: Malaysia Palm Oil Board - Papan Kelapa Sawit Malaysia - hua hua hua), just to show them the latest technology that can be used in precise farming, which will help in increasing their productivity, and then, their profitla of course..

orait, so, i also want to share this video clip, from FIRDAUS, title SAAT TERINDAH. actually, i don't really understand the key point of this song. after i listen sooo many times (read: yes, i think around 20 times), i concluded that, this song is about the beautifulness of ukhuwwah. maybe i'm right, but i do think that i'm wrong actually...if i'm wrong, please, do tell me..hehe~~ i just want to know the real meaning of this song..hehe.. so, lets hear from them...

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