Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Jaulah with Dr Zaid


so, here the story, i need to go to Cyberjaya, actually Puchong, but this area quite confusing. firstly, because the address said its in Puchong, but in the map, and to go there, we should pass Cyberjaya. So, where is this lovely and confusing place? its located in Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia (LKIM), new building, at Pulau Meranti, between Puchong and Cyberjaya area. its a village area, the "gerai" still look in village area, but covered with highway as their boundaries.

in the other side, there is the LDP, Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong, and on the other side, the have MEX, and on the other side, Lingkaran Putrajaya. if you want to check it, try to google Jalan Desaria, Puchong. and there you have it, a sacred place where LKIM hiding...no really, its really hard if you didn't check it first on maps..

anyway, i'm not going to write about that, but more about my jaulah with my really old-friend, Dr Zaid Omar, who just currently return from UK, after finishing his PhD last month. congratz to him..

It's started when i need to go to LKIM, and it will be just a two day trip, which i will travel to Serdang on Monday, and need to go back to Skudai on Tuesday, why? because there a conference i need to attend on Wednesday at UTM. so, when we chat, he said he's going to KL on the same day, and also going back on the same day as me. so i decide to get a ride with him, since he's driving alone.

And its a good jaulah, after very "awkward" moment, yelah, its been at least 7 years we didn't jaulah together, and just meet at coffee house. So, we discuss and change though about current situation in Johor, and Serdang, and also about his life in UK. Different environment, culture will make you open up your mind. make things clear, and make sure, the hamassah (energy) move on, with the knowledge gained.

Anyway, Saidina Umar Al-Khattab r.a once said, we will not really know and recognize, or familiar with someone, until we do three things; we eat together, we sleep together and we musafir or jaulah together...and after a while, i though he will change, but yet, Dr Zaid will always be Zaid, we also discuss about how our tarbiyahh goes on at UTM, and how thing change thereafter..

so, here it goes...nothing change, but when we didn't want to communicate with each other, many assumptions will be heard...so, be positive, and try to communicate....


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