Saturday, September 04, 2010

Gmail new features


this time, i just want to share gmail new features...just 2-3 days ago this feature has been introduced, and the advertisement really cool, using video to make less read, just nice and simple video.

anyway, this new feature will sort our email, based on "weighted interest", so, the email that we think is important, or the system, will be sort to priority inbox. first time use, it will be a little mess, because it need to be set first, then, after a while, its getting better and better. for those who like it, will like it. for those who didn't like technologies, or new development, then, have a try, its better than filtering, because you don't have to set all those filter, just give it an important or less important by click one, less talk, (or read), lets see the video...(been thinking of doing this kind of video lah)


أم الليث said...

ehehehe bagus konsep nih.
i don't think i need it yet. setakat ni gmail address semuanya email yg mmg nak baca aje. tang lain guna email address yahoo kehkeh
tp gmail features mmg lebih superior from yahoo. senang nak manage email

zakri said...

true true..

lebih banyak benda, managing pun senang...

baca pun sedap mata memandang..kalau yahoo, mm....honestly, dah tak buka yahoo...hehe~

jauh ketinggalan banding gmail...