Friday, April 16, 2010

Destinasi Bajet - Malaysia and ASEAN


so, this one tv program, before this under 8tv, and right now, under malaysia airlines website (only), a program about how you can go travel inside and outside Malaysia, within the rm300 budget. don't believe it? believe it, and forgot to mention, it only on living budget, not the travel budget, means, for bus ticket, airline ticket, it included in other budget. but at least, okla, under rm300 in Malaysia.....makan, living place...great! but i'm sorry, it in Malay...haha

here the link to see the episode. i try to embedded here, but i can't it only can be share via facebook and twitter...even though i do have fb and twitter.

so, until today, it have been 7 episode, and i only watch the Malaysia destination only..why? of course i want to see malaysia culture more deeper...another country? will to, when i become "true" lecturer...haha~

just finish watching episode 3, which its destination is penang...and i already goes to penang for 3 times ke, 4 times...but for working purpose la...not for melancong (i forgot the english traslate: travel...mmm...)

but i didn't recommend the place for eating tu...i prefer Nasi Kandar Kassim Mustafa, or Nasi Kandar Beratur (beside Masjid Kapitan Keling), or nasi Kandar Line Clear (macam tak sedap sangat)...or Pasembor beside the Penang's Dataran...haha~

but still, so many place i didn't go. must get some time to travel through it...hopefully, this time with ummi, afifah and amni..hehe....

okeh, enjoy the show...!


+akufobia+ said...

ohhhohh.bila nak jalanjalan eh.sob.

zakri said...

boleh je...nanti tengok balik tarikh..

haha...kumpul duit dulu..uh uh~