Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sang Murabbi


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Salam Tarbiyyah!~
to all brothers and sisters in Islam,

Alhamdulillah, "Sang Murobbi" film are already available in Malaysia.

Although the stock is limited, we will try our best to provide this inspirational da`wah film for all who love Islam ^__^ in Malaysia and also outside Malaysia.

The film is available in both
VCD (RM 15-) and DVD (RM 26-),
not including postal delivery.

price (for 1 VCD/DVD) according to type of local delivery:

Pos Laju (1-2 days) RM 6
Pos Register (5-6 days) RM 3

For order/booking of the film, please e-mail your:-

- Full Name,
- Amount of VCD/DVD,
- Phone No
- and Full Address (for postal delivery)
to mujahidnihlah @ gmail . com

We will entertain your request from time to time, insyaAllah.

Mujahid & Nihlah

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