Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Only One Word

Yourself: Great

Your Lover: Great

Your Hair: black.

Your Mother: Nice

Your Father: respected.

Your Favorite Item: teknologi

Your Dream Last Night: none

Your Favorite Drink: Teh

Your Dream Home: Mukmin

The Room You Are In: Pejabat

Your Pets: None

What You Are Now: Typing

Who You Want to be in Ten Years: Myself

What You Want to be in Ten Years: mu'min.

What You're Not: musyrik.

One of Your Wishlist Items: Job

Your Gender: male.

The Last Thing You Did: read

What You Are Wearing: jacket

Your Favorite Weather: cool.

Your Favorite Book: Harry Potter

The Last Thing You Ate: Meat

Your Life: Beautiful

Your Mood: Nervous

Favorite article of clothing: cargo Pant

Favorite color: Green

School: SMIH.

Song: None..

hampeh umayr, sengal ayam betul...sanggup die tag orang..takpe...nak tag sape ek?
1. future doc dah ke?
2. hafiz bai....haha
3. Dhany kalau dia baca ar
4. Awla

cukup ar tu, penat weh buat ni..tu pun ada yang dua perkataan..nak buat macamana...hehe


Anonymous said...

mane boleh.tak aci!!tak aci!!kalau 2 perkataan, kire batal~kne buat balik.tak adil! ^_^ tetibe teremo plak~.hihi

zakri said...

nasib arr..tak kira....

B+a+i+e+L said...


- hafiz bai - tu kan 2 perkataan..

org suh buat satu perkataan jer....

jap! jap!...oh....ok..ok...

dia kata ONE WORD...

bukan " satu perkataan..."...

so..maknanya bole la guna satu perkataan...huhuhu

Anonymous said...