Tuesday, January 22, 2013

8 Things You Should Never Say to Your Kid

8 Things You Should Never Say to Your Kid

Big discipline mistakes you might be making (and how to fix them). Plus, get more toddler discipline advice.
By Amanda May of Parenting.com
© Stephanie RausserYou know the drill: You give your child an ultimatum -- "Get dressed or we're staying home!" -- and naturally she says, "Okay, we'll stay home!" Might as well plant a big "L" on your forehead. We all see our discipline efforts backfire on occasion (hey, you're tired!), and of course there are those battles just not worth fighting (no kid ever flunked preschool because his teeth were furry). But you do need to prove you're the parent at least some of the time. Learning to avoid these discipline land mines can help you hop to it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kemalasan atau Pengalaman?


lately, banyak tak tertulis ye. hehe...banyak idea sebenarnya, but time consuming, and we need to move on.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

WIth You: Raef

so, With You, ya Rahman~

Stop making Resolutions - Develop your Vision instead!

Stop making Resolutions - Develop your Vision instead!

January 07, 2013
Some days ago I arrived with my family in New York City to celebrate New Year´s Eve and to spend some enjoyable, relaxing and at the same time exciting days. Days full of family togetherness, of stimulation and in parallel packed with thought-provoking ideas and some madness.

A contradiction? Possibly. Depending on one´s point of view and expectations. And there´s nothing wrong with that of course. I fully respect that for many people these two angles are not going together well. Personally, I need such „mixed“ and somehow „confronting“ moments. Such inter-linked situations of calmness on the one side and inhaling new impressions on the other side. That keeps my brain firing and generating new synopses. And more importantly, it makes me start dreaming and coming up with bold, brand-new thoughts. Thoughts beyond traditionally self-imposed limitations: True and inspiring visions! And where better to dream and to visionize than in the city that never sleeps?

According to Wikipedia, dreams are defined as „successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. That´s at least the more academic definition. Not exactely what I´m here referring to. The „dreams“ I´m pursuing whilst trying to do some elegant ice skating moves at the Trump – Wollman rink in Central Park, or whilst enjoying the breath-taking view from the 102nd floor of the Empire State building at night, or when admiring the beautifully decorated shop windows at Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Avenue, or when watching the splendid Mamma Mia musical on Broadway´s Winter Garden theater, or whilst inhaling the hype and vibrations at 5th Avenue´s huge Uniqlo store are very different. They´re much more like having visions. Yes, that´s it. Such special moments strongly resemble „a long-term view and concentration on the future. It can be emotive and it is a source of inspiration.“

And now as we are already again one week into January and as we have just bit farewell to another year, time has come when we are conditioned turning our thoughts towards making these (in-)famous new year´s resolutions: „I need to work out more this year, I need to quit smoking, I need to spend more time with friends, etc, etc.“ You certainly know all about it and about your own personal new year resolutions, don´t you? Such resolutions are mostly about what we should stop in the future or what we should start doing soon in order to get more effective and to become a „better“ person. Whatever that might mean. And that´s the reason I´m not such a big fan of the them.

What I´m saying is: Forget about making any resolutions. Don´t waste your energy and efforts on doing so. Instead you should immediately start developing your professional and personal vision for this magnificent new year. What is it you´d really love to achieve? What is it you´ve always wanted to do? What is it that would make you happy and would give you this unique feeling of fulfillment? Yes, open up your thinking horizon! C´mon, start dreaming! Now! Follow your desires and wishes, and think about how you would like to realize your hopes and wishes. That means, once you´ll have come up with your vision translate it into specific objectives. And only once you´ll have done that, think about concrete action steps to attain such goals. And at the very end, and not before that, you can develop a couple of new year´s resolutions... if you really think you can´t live and make it without them... which you can, you brave women and men out there!

So, let´s start the year in a pro-active, creative and outrageous thinking manner. Do do not kick it off by contemplating about what might be wrong and what you might need to stop doing in the future. Instead dare to be bold and dare to dream!

Best regards,


Monday, January 07, 2013

Tanda2 Stroke


satu hari, ada terbaca satu artikel di tempat "sumber-yang-soheh", artikel tentang stroke, dan tanda2 untuk seseorang itu akan diserang stroke. sekiranya rawatan diberikan sebelum 3 jam, insyaALLAH kesan stroke tidak akan teruk.

tanda2 untuk kenali stroke, sekiranya seseorang jatuh, terhentak kepala, atau tiba2 rebah, dan banyak lagi kes lain, cuba minta pesakit lakukan langkah ringkas ini:

1. minta rakan itu untuk SENYUM
2. minta rakan anda untuk sebut perkataan simple logik. macam Chicken Soup
3. minta rakan anda untuk ANGKAT KEDUA2 TANGAN (raise both arms)
4. minta rakan anda KELUARKAN LIDAH. kalau lidah dia herot ke kiri atau kanan, itu tanda serangan stroke

jadi, kalau ada rakan2 yang terjatuh, atau pucat, atau ada simptom2 lain. boleh cuba. ini untuk kenali stroke. untuk lain2 penyakit, lain kaedah pengenalan simptomnya.

okeh..di bawah ini artikel asal.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Raef: cover lagu


Okeh, mungkin cerita ni agak basi bagi sesetengah orang, terutama peminat awakening records, ok, saya akui, saya slowpoke, saya mungkin terkena serangan confius oleh slowbro mungkin, menyebabkan saya tidak tahu lebih pasal mamat Raef ni banyak video on cover lagu.

Okeh, sebelum ni, melalui sumber yang soheh, saya menonton video klip si Raef ni, berkenaan it’s jum’ah, satu lagu tentang cerita hari jumaat, dari awal pagi bersedia untuk solat jumaat, dengan membaca surah Kahfi, bersiap2 ke masjid awal, dan duduk di saff depan, dan bukan melepak di saff belakang, “chill out” kata mereka.

Kemudian, dapat tengok satu lagi video cover lagu micheal Jackson, tapi tak minat sangat, sebab lagu agak slow, dan sebenarnya, sebab utama, saya tidak suka tengok youtube sebenarnya. Malas sebab nak kena habiskan masa 5 minit, beberapa minit untuk lihat video. Ok, saya dah tua mungkin, menyebabkan saya tidak berminat dah. Dalam program2 mungkin seronok tengok, tapi kalau sorang2, lagi2 masa 8pagi – 5 petang, memang tak bukalah.

And last week, tiba2 tergerak hati nak tengok youtube, and then, terperasan si Raef ni, buat cover lagu lain. Eh, best pulak. Kemudian, dengan perasaan tamak haloba, terus mencari video2 lain. Owh, dia dah ada 6 video clip. Semuanya sangat best dari segi liriknya, Cuma lagu yang dipilih tu, macam Micheal Jackson punya lagu, tak minat sangat, so, tak tengoklah. Haha

Tapi gaya liriknya, nampak sangat ia bersifat tarbawi. Okeh, aku dah start…nampak orang yang dapat didikan agama yang baik, pengharapan kepada Allah dan kasih sayang pada Allah sangat jelas dalam lagu2 cover dia.

Ok, sekarang dh download, and jadikan mp3, dan masuk dalam hp, untuk dengar dalam bas. Video yang best, yang tidak berputus pada Allah. Moga Allah berkati usahanya, walaupun cover lagu orang lain, tapi mesej dia, menusuk kalbu..haha