Saturday, September 17, 2011

Teknologi cermin


dah lama rasanya tak post benda yang updated, entry kali ini, khas untuk share teknologi yang diharapkan akan digunakan pada masa akan datang. actually, this video has been post in my fb wall long time ago, so, this entry will just repost, and also, we going to see what the development has been made until today. but this is as far as i know, maybe there's a newer technology that i didn't achieve yet..orait, here we goes..

this is the video from Corning, where it show, what actually a piece of glass can lift up our daily usage.

orait....can you see that, every are depend on glass? and there's a rumours about handphone using this technology, same as the men used it. the design almost like iphone4...

ok, here some of the development of glass-technology. aku saje2 namakan macam ni..hua hua...

dah ada dah sikit2..


ada lagi, tapi malas lak rasa nak search..hua hua

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