Tuesday, December 09, 2008

my first javascript and ajax books...??


because of php cannot afford to build extra thing on web site, so, yeop has introduced me with AJAX, and i'm trying hard to manage and buy a book just for my "rujukan", after using ebook yang "menyakitkan" mata, so, i decide, at least, i must have a book for this AJAX thing...

so, last two days, ada duit lebih sikit, konon2 nak pegi City Square, JB, tapi wanie nak pegi jusco, so, while she looking for all the thing needed for her "macaronni", i decide to stop by MPH, at least nak jugak tengok2 if there something new. so, i found 2 book for AJAX. so, last2 i buy this book

tapi mine, yang seventh edition. so lagi advance...hohoho...hopefully it will help me develop my project after this. 

hoho...anyway, welcome my dear...so, nak ajar web based GIS after this pun, no problem insyaALLAH...hohoho

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