Wednesday, February 06, 2008

C'mon lah!


ni video clip daripada kumpulan KRU, not the style or what ever yang nak ditonjolkan, but cuba tengok lirik yang cuba disampaikan..

come on lah, we malaysian what, so, be a part of malaysian....if you feel you're malaysian...errr...this one is for malaysian yang tak berapa nak sedar diri, tak sedar diri dan yang dah lupa diri...


"Hey Brutha, hey sista...
to many wannabe,
in our hip hop community,
talking crap bout the ghetto,
g thang and rivalry,
talk the way you normally talk lah,
you're from KL,
not an american rap star"

not only the hip hop community, but the nasyid comunity also need to refresh this...nasyid not like "our" slang anymore....

anyway, tepuk dada tanya iman...

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