Wednesday, December 26, 2007



this is "makcik" pc, that is malaysian product to help the outsider-it to start learning computer and all about it. and with prices only rm500++, its should be one of the most effective pc for makcik2 and pakcik2 to start learning about it, and to make sure, it can be usefull to them...

anyhow, as the MIMOS launch it, i've try searching in the internet because i think i want to buy it for my mom, because with this tablet pc, at least she can see the picture i'm taking everytime our family has gathering and so on...but sadly, none of the information come straight from mimos, only some of the blogger seem want to try it..but very dissappointing...

okeh, the technology didn't come with technology when it come to business....lalala...i think i can do it as a business....lalalala

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